Antiprofiling House Resolution 366 Call-to-Action

Members of the House of Representatives left D.C. last week for two weeks of recess. While they are away their staff members are sorting through constituent mail and reviewing legislative priorities. Now is a great time to contact those congressional offices and have your voice heard!

House Resolution 366 (H Res 366) is a resolution focused on the profiling of bikers and it needs public support from all Members of Congress.

Fill out the form to the right and you will be sent to a site that sends a letter to your Representative based on your zip code.

If your Representative has already signed on, your message will be a thank you note and ask them to push for a full vote on the House floor. If your elected official hasn’t signed on, the message will ask for them to cosponsor H Res 366 and go on record supporting bikers.

So far this year over 70 Representatives have cosponsored the resolution, but that is just half of where we were in 2020. Let’s make sure the politicians in Washington, D.C. hear from bikers and act. 

Thank you for contacting your Representative regarding H Res 366.

Antiprofiling Call-To-Action!

Contact your legislators.

Antiprofiling Call-To-Action!

Thank you for taking action.

Thank you for supporting this MRF Call-To-Action!

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