Ask your two Senators to protect the internal combustion engine!

While the House of Representatives is in week three of the search for a new Speaker of the House, the U.S. Senate remains open for business.


Earlier this year, the Biden Administration rolled out plans to shift this country to a majority electric vehicle market over the next ten years. In June, Senator Markwayne Mullin of Oklahoma introduced S.2090, the “Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act.” The bill would amend the Clean Air Act to prevent a ban on the sale of internal combustion engines, effectively trumping any state law that outlaws their sale. The bill, S. 2090, is the Senate’s version of H.R. 1435, which was passed earlier this year by the House of Representatives.


The Senate version of the bill has fifteen (15) cosponsors, but still needs more. Ask your two Senators to protect the internal combustion engine and thereby motorcycling as we know it!

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