Bust the Filibuster and Demand Democracy!

No matter our color, party, or zip code, we all want an equal say in the decisions that shape our future. The For The People Act (S.1) guarantees everyone the freedom to vote, no exceptions. 

This transformative bill would protect our freedom to vote, ensure fair representation in government, and end the dominance of big money in politics.

But despite overwhelming public support of the For the People Act,  the minority of Senators  prevented the start of debate needed to vote on the bill. What this vote has shown us is that the filibuster is preventing legislation like S.1 from passing. 

We knew that passing the For the People Act would be a fight, and we cannot give up now. The majority of votes is there to pass the bill; Senators just need to reform the filibuster first. Our representatives should be able to deliver on the priorities of their constituents and pass laws that protect our lives, our rights, and our freedoms. 

Inaction is not an option — email, call, and/or tweet your elected officials to demand they amend the filibuster and vote YES on the For the People Act. 

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Take Action Now!

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