Protect Voting Rights in Georgia

Our democracy works best when all eligible voters can participate and have their voices heard.  In the General Election 1.3 million Georgians used absentee ballots, resulting in historic voter turnout. No excuse absentee voting provided an opportunity to level the playing field and make voting safer for all Georgians, especially in the midst of a pandemic.

So far, GOP State Senators have introduced over 35 bills focused on promoting voter suppression by ending at-will absentee voting and more. This unprecedented attack is led by the Republican Georgia Senators. Senator Mullis is the proud primary sponsor of most of these horrendous bills.

These restrictions would suppress voter turnout and disenfranchise thousands of Georgia voters. Some of these bills have passed and will be voted on in the Senate Ethics Sub-Committee.  

These specific bills are being voted on. We need to act now and make sure these horrendous bills don't make it to a full committee. 

  • SB 69 - Would end automatic voter registration when a Georgia citizen applies for a drivers license. 
  • SB 72 - Mandates monthly updates on voters who died
  • SB 74 - Expands access for poll watchers
  • SB 178 - Absentee ballot applications will not be sent to voters unless a an application request is received

Georgia voting rights are under assault. Tell the Ethics Committee that you oppose all Jim Crow voter suppression attempts and ask them to support your right to vote.

Our goal should be the protection of the fundamental right to vote for all citizens by assuring that voting is as easy and as convenient as possible.  I hope we can count on you by ensuring that our voices are heard.

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