Senator Sinema - Protect Our Right to Vote!

Tell Senator Sinema to support changes to the filibuster in order to pass The For the People Act (S1). This is the best chance we have at preserving Democracy and ensuring everyone has the freedom to vote as they choose.  

No matter our race, background or zip code most of us believe that for democracy to work for all of us, it must include us all. Throughout our history, we have fought to ensure more Americans have our right to vote honored and that every eligible American is able to cast our vote and have it counted. But a handful of politicians want to set us back, making it harder to vote and creating barriers that specifically target Black, Brown, young and new Americans. 

It’s time to enact national standards for voting to ensure all of us have a say in key decisions like pandemic relief, health care, and bolstering our economy. Together, we can ensure Americans can safely and freely cast our ballots so that every voice is heard and our elections reflect the will of the people. This is why the country needs The For the People Act.  

The For the People Act already passed in the US House of Representatives. But it still needs to pass the Senate before it can be sent to President Biden’s desk, where he is eager to sign it into law. 

The filibuster, an exploited loophole used to increase politicians own power and block legislation Americans support, stands in the way of passing legislation that over two-thirds of Americans support. In the 60s, Senators used this loophole to maintain segregation and deny equal rights. Today, they want to stop us from ensuring Americans have the freedom to vote, make a decent living and get the care that we need.

It’s time for this outdated procedure to be reformed.

Senator Sinema is a co-sponsor of the For the People Act, yet she has not agreed to vote to change the filibuster so that the For the People Act can be voted on and passed. We need her vote to abolish or amend the filibuster, so that we can pass laws the majority of us favor and make this a place where all of us can thrive, no exceptions.

Use our tool to call, email and/or tweet Senator Sinema and ask that she supports reforming the filibuster in order to pass S1! We need her to protect our right to participate in our democracy and make our voice heard! 

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