Stop Voter Suppression in Texas!

Throughout our history, we have fought to ensure that every eligible American is able to cast their vote and have it counted. In Texas, legislators are working to suppress our right to vote and participate in our democracy. 

Texas is no stranger to voter suppression.  The entire state was originally covered under the pre-clearance formula of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. When the Supreme Court ruled the pre-clearance formula unconstitutional in 2013 under Shelby County v. Holder, state legislators in Texas started passing voter suppression legislation. Since then Texas has instituted strict voter I.D. laws, restricted early voting and closed polling locations. Over the last 7 years, Texas has closed over 750 polling locations, often in communities of color. 

Despite being one of the most voter restrictive states in the country, more than 11 million Texans voted in 2020 – a record breaking turnout. Now, state legislators are trying to make it even harder for Texans to vote. Two omnibus bills, SB7 and HB6, would impose a flood of new restrictions on voting rights. Both bills will: 

  • Shorten early voting periods, which hurts workers who work long hours 
  • Institute challenges for disabled voters by requiring documentation of disability and making it difficult to get assistance at the polls
  • Threaten voters, family and friends and community organizations with felony-level criminal prosecution for helping disabled voters return absentee ballots, getting to the polls and more 
  • Implement harsh felony-level criminal penalties to election officials, poll workers and local election administrators to enforce new prohibitions on election-related activity 
  • Practically ban mobile voting 
  • Expand poll watching, which could result in voter intimidation

These are just some of the ways in which SB7 and HB6 will suppress Texan voters. 

Additionally, HB1026 would remove the role of Volunteer Deputy Registrars, who are critical to enrolling underserved voters. This bill will eliminate Texas's high school voter registration program. It would also take the registration process out of the hands of each county, placing all voter registration activities in the hands of the Secretary of State and increase bureaucratic red tape for registering voters. 

SB7 already passed in the State Senate has been introduced in the House Elections Committee. HB6 already passed out of committee and HB1026 is facing a committee vote any day. The time to act is NOW. We must keep these bills from passing our of the State House.  

Use our tool to email, call and/or tweet your Representative and DEMAND they protect your right to vote and oppose HB6, HB1026 and SB7. 

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