Protect Your Freedom to Vote in Texas!

Throughout our history, we have fought to ensure that every eligible American is able to cast their vote and have it counted. In Texas, legislators are working to limit our freedom to vote how we choose and participate in our democracy. 

As one of the most difficult states to vote in the country, Texas is no stranger to restricting the freedom of voters. Despite this, more than 11 million Texans voted in 2020 – a record-breaking turnout. This was largely due to early and 24-hour voting, drop boxes, and mail voting. 

Now, state legislators are trying to restrict the freedom of Texas voters by making it harder to vote. Omnibus bill, SB7, has taken one more step forward in the legislative process and is now two floor votes away from being sent to Governor Abbott’s desk for signature.

The version passed by the conference committee was released this morning.  Among other things, SB7 will now: 

  • Prohibit drive-thru and 24 hour voting which hurts workers who work long hours 
  • Eliminate access to Souls to the Polls by restricting Sunday voting hours to the afternoon
  • Give poll watchers access to disrupt voting despite their notorious track record of intimidating Black voters and  voters of color.
  • Institute challenges for disabled voters by requiring additional documentation of disability 
  • Implement harsh felony-level criminal penalties to election officials, poll workers, and local election administrators to enforce new prohibitions on election-related activity 
  • Practically ban mobile voting 
  • Prohibit election workers from sending unsolicited applications to vote by mail.

These are just some of the ways in which SB7 will put up barriers for Texan voters - especially voters of color. 

Make your voice heard. Use our tool to email, call and/or tweet your legislator to DEMAND they protect your right to vote by opposing SB7. 

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