SUPPORT HB1773, HB1793, HB2285, and HB310. OPPOSE HB2319!

The following pro-gun bills are coming up in the House Public Safety Firearms subcommittee TOMORROW, January 26, at 7 AM:

HB 1773, Delegate Frietas, allows a person who would qualify to get a Virginia concealed handgun permit to be able to carry a concealed handgun without a permit anywhere that person could lawfully openly carry a handgun (“Constitutional Carry”).

HB 1793, Delegate Davis, exempts concealed handgun permit holders from any local gun-control that is permitted by 15.2-915.  

HB 2285, Delegate Fowler, adds someone with a valid non-resident concealed carry permit and retired police officers to the list of exemptions to One Handgun a Month.

HB 2310, Delegate Runion, extends the time that an online concealed handgun permit training course is valid to April 30, 2021.  This bill has an emergency clause to take effect the minute the Governor signs it.

And this one anti-gun bill:

HB 2319, Delegate Guzman, requires a person cohabiting with another person who is prohibited from possessing firearms, secures any firearms and ammunition so the prohibited person does not have access to them.   This bill requires that stored firearms must be UNLOADED, which is unreasonable since the gun is already locked away from the prohibited person.  This bill increases the time it would take for the gun owner to respond to a violent attack.

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