Tell Your Senators: Support DC Statehood!

Residents in Washington D.C. are not fully represented in our democracy.

They have been without Statehood for over 200 years.

They have no voting members of Congress and do not have full control of their local laws and budget, which Congress has ultimate authority over.The people of the District of Columbia deserve the same rights and powers that you and I are entitled to as full citizens. This is why we are are asking you to write a letter to your representative who has the power to change this. 

Please fill out your address, and you will be able to email, call and tweet a message to your senator urging them to support the DC Admission Act, also known as S 51. The bill has ALREADY PASSED THE HOUSE, and President Biden has agreed to sign it as soon as it passes the Senate.  

Thank you for using your voice to bring DC Statehood across the finish line!

Take Action Now!

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Take Action Now!

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