Urge Georgia Representatives to Stop Fulton County Election Takeover

Since the passage of Georgia's voter suppression legislation, SB202 earlier this year, we are already seeing the negative impact it will have on Georgia’s elections. 

On Friday, July 30th, Georgia Republican lawmakers took the first steps of a hostile takeover of the Fulton County election board - a process that could put one of the state’s biggest Democratic strongholds under the control of a partisan state election board. If successful, the Republican state election board will have the power to disqualify voters and refuse to certify an election. 

This takeover could disenfranchise your vote and diminish your voice in the 2022 statewide and midterm elections and beyond. This is an attack on our freedom to vote. 

Take action! Contact your State Representative and Senator and demand they protect your right to vote by opposing the take over of Fulton County's election board. Our elections must stay out of the hands of partisan elected officials. 

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