Consumers: Tell Legislators in Albany to Support Fuel Choice!

Dear Natural Gas Customer:

Legislation has been introduced in the New York State Legislature that will impact your home appliances and quality of life. Senate Bill 6843A and companion legislation Assembly Bill 8431 will prohibit natural gas installations in all new construction beginning in 2023.

The effort to eliminate the use of natural gas is part of a broader effort by environmental advocates to shift the energy grid to 100% electricity by 2050.

Utility customers like you will bear the brunt of this effort. It limits consumer choice for your energy needs and increases costs for consumers by forcing you to retrofit your homes with costly new equipment. Ironically, the undue stress on electric grids as demand increases for electricity over natural gas makes energy plants work harder to produce electricity, thereby increasing air pollution.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Contact your state legislators and tell them that you support consumer choice and a diversified energy portfolio that includes the use of clean burning natural gas. 70% of Americans including New Yorkers prefer natural gas to heat their homes, cook their food, and save money on energy bills in a state where electricity rates are some of the highest in the country.

Submit your contact information in the fields on the upper-right side of your screen and urge your representatives in Albany to support consumer choice by opposing Senate Bill 6843A and Assembly Bill 8431.

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Support NY Fuel Choice

Contact your legislators.

Support NY Fuel Choice

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